Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cherry Culture MINI Purchase.

So cherry culture is having a no shipment charge on all purchases until the 31st of july. So you know i took advantage lol.

I bought some NYX things! Here they are.

1 pair of NYX Lashes in #101


I bought three NYX Round Lipsticks in: Frosted Flakes, Georgia and Aphrodite.
They Cost $2.00 Each.

I also got one glitter eyeliner in ; Apple!

I Really Needed a lip brush. Although I have no lip palettes Yet!

So i got this NYX Lip brush


I also got these two Nyx round lip glosses for ($2.00) a peice!

In Frosted Plum and Bronze!!

The total for all this : $21.00!! Cant beat that!! Im super excited. Lol as usual!!

I hope you guys enjoy. I will do a video probally on everything when all my stuff comes in!


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