Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hey guys! I went NYX crazzyy. Haha Right now until the 25th of may, is having a private special for 25% off NYX products. The code is : NYX25.

I saved about $11.40 dollars with this code, and purchased. 17 items.

I won't give away details as to what was purchased ONLY Because I want to show you all via video!

So stay tuned.

You should check it out, NYX is an amazing brand with cheap HIGH quality products. I am in love with their, Jumbo pencils that really give my eyeshadow that extra POP. So I am excited usually when I order from Cherry culture I purchase from many types of brand but this time. I wanted strictly NYX products so i can expand that part of my collection!

I have a Question!

Would you guys enjoy me doing a make-up collection? If so I will do one, when this order comes in because its pretty large. I will give one detail away....17 items for ONLY $39.40 which I think is great! I don't know if its me but doesn't nyx seem like its getting more expensive?? Tell me what YOU THINK!


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