Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quick Important Update!

Hey Guys! I've missed you all very much. I have been so busy and I have a good reason lol. I have a family member my sister to be exact. That has been diagnosed with Breast cancer, with out getting to much into detail. My mother has also had it, before she had been diagnosed. My mom was the FIRST that we know of in our family to be diagnosed, with breast cancer.

Anyways. I have been out of it and kinda feeling gloomy. Ill be okay I am just mostly focused on being there for her. Supporting her. Shes a stage two, hopefully they will not have to remove her ta-ta. Seriously. I am scared.

Anyways I LOVE YOU ALL. I have 50 AMAZING subscribers. Thankyou all. Vids will be on there way. <3


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