Sunday, July 25, 2010


That's RIGHT its official and ONLY my blog readers get the scoop FIRST! :D

I have been tossing back and fourth what should my next contest/giveaway be themed?


This is NOT the official announcement, meaning you cant start entering but here is just a sneak peak, to see what you can be expecting to come!

So for my 500 subsribers contest/giveaway.

The prizes will be based on hello kitty theme'd It WILL BE INTERNATIONAL. I have already purchased some of the prizes. LET ME TELL YOU, THEY ARE FANTASTIC!

I am going all out on this. With out giving you all the details, and kiling the super cool suprise. I will tell you one more thing....

Unlike my last contest, being only 1 prize for one winner.
This HUGE contest....

There will be 3 Gift bags, to give away.
So that means... THREE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!

They will be filled with some HK goodies, but you will get to see what they will be.. In the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! :D

Anyways stay tuned, for more updates!!!!


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