Thursday, September 16, 2010

Collective Haul!

Hey Guys went to WAL-MART Last night and picked up a few things!
When I am there, I always check out their clearance rack for clothes.

I have on numerous occasions, found tank tops and jackets.
Only costing around $1-$3!

They have amazing deals. I like some of there clothes so below are a few things I purchased along with pictures!

OH! Also are a couple purchases from other random stores as well !! :)

Here are the photos! 

 Dove Go Fresh Body Mist - $2.50
In: Burst: This stuff smells go good, its true to its name it smells FRESH!
I love the scent so tropical and sweet! This was a great deal :) Cheap too!

LOREAL Lineur Intense Liner - $7.84
In Carbon Black: I needed a new Liquid liner, that won't fade.
I've heard amazing things about this liner. 
I believe this one is up for the challenge. Lets see?
Currently using  line stiletto and the stuff is great at first,
but always fades, into a gunmetal color bye the end of the day.

OP Tank (OCEAN PACIFIC) - Clearance, Org. $9.00 Sale. $5.00
I love tank tops, because you can wear them alone, or something on top!
This one stood out to me, I loved the colors, and the detailed back to it.
The v-neck cut, makes this piece stand out more!
For $5 bucks? I'll take it! 
L.E.I Tank Top- Clearance: Orig. $5 Sale. $3
This tank was different than anything I had. 
Yes this peice may be more for spring or summer time
However. I don't usually fallow the rules ;) 
As a sucker for tanks, and a even cheaper price tag.
Three bucks was no big deal.

OP Denim Jeggings - Price: $6 
When I first saw these on the racks, I was like. 
Granny Pants much? But then I felt the material. 
Looked at them a bit more, and then imagined ALL the things I could pair them with.
I figured. Hell. Worth the risk. I took the pair home and shabamm! 
I loved them they fit nicely the first pair, were ripped so i had to take them back and exchange for a different pair. I didn't care I WANTED these leggings lol it was worth the 40 minute drive.


IZ Silk Tank Top- Orig. $18 Ross Price. $7.99
Love love, ultra love. This tank I saw this and though. So holidays. So fall.
The golden color is perfect. I love how light the fabric, is. How silky. 
For the quality of this tank the price is a steal. ANOTHER REASON WHY.

Dollhouse Wristlet- Original Price. $28.00 Ross Price $9.99
Ive been looking for a nice wristlet for awhile, for when I am out and wanna keep it simple.
Or in all honesty too lazy to carry a purse! This wristlet is perfect for the upcoming season!
I love the design and cheetahs print is kinda in right now.
Love the gold hardware, and detailing Super excited to wear this!

Rampage Two Piece Necklace Set - Retail. N/A Ross Clearance $2.50
These two came together. I really loved how they look. The lipstick necklace is to die for.
More so when your in love with makeup! They look great together or on their own. 
Love these accessories!


 Charlotte Russe - Retail $12.50 Sale: $5.00
This all black, tank is eye catching. I love the embellishments.
Theres not a lot for me to say about it other than. 
Five bucks is a steal!

Also Got one in another color, same details. 

This ones perfect for fall!!

Some Makeup Items!
Wet n Wild Palette - Pride Sale $2.39
(Purchase from bartells)
I like the palette so far, the matte shades are more pigmented.
However chalky. The shimmers, are sheer. 
The shadows feel like silk, but do not apply, like silk.
Unless your using a strong base. I do like these palettes however.

Care for some Swatches? 

Swatches from The Wet N Wild Palette in 

You're Making Me Blush BABBBYYY

Rimmel's Pink Blush - $4.19
(Purchased From Bartells)
Rimmel's lipsticks are amazing one of my must have 
lipstick brands! This lipstick maybe to bright for some.
But for me, its a nice touch. With a amazing,
lasting power and a even lower price tag.
These lipsticks are a must. 
Not to mention this color is amazing :) 

Thats everything guys! Hope you enjoyed this web blog haul, maybe I'll do a video.
Maybe I won't who knows. 

Anyways TAKE CARE!!!!!


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