Saturday, September 18, 2010

SinfulColor HAUL! $0.99

I was watching > jadorepiiink‬‎'s< SinfulColors haul.
When she was saying how they were having a sale, all of these polishes were 1/2!!

Thats a great deal! So I went down to my local walgreens.
All the sinful nail polishes were marked down.
They had a nice selection, but I limited myself to 10.

I obviously had to share the love and deal with you all.

Any whos. Down below is the swatches of all the colors.

Let me know which ones are you favorites!


This color, is a color of its own!
Its intense and unique. 

Applying around 3 coats, seemed to be enough
to get Mint Apple to its true color!

This beautiful rosy mauve toned pink, 
is subtle and sexy. 

This is the one I chose to wear first!
2 Coats is all it took, 
to get Vacation Time


This glitter is FIERCE. 
But she cant stand on her own alone.

Pop a few coast of a pretty silver underneath
QueenOfBeauty for the ultimate 


This is IT! This color has had enough,
and wants to be the focus of attention!

I can see that happining this color, is breath taking 
on any skin tone

About 3+ coats should do the trick!

Talk about deception. 
This color may catch your eye, while sitting pretty on the nail racks
But after 7+ coats you'll be wishing you had some Bermuda Sunshine
to hurry up the darn drying process 

This color is the color of a real DADDY'S GIRL!
Although my camera is making it appear blue,
its not. Its a really deep purple. 
Amazing for fall this year!

About 4+ coats should have you set.

This color is the color of poison. 
Its such a seductive polish!

Perfect for Christmas time!

About 3 coats should suffice

The Color of LOOOVVEEE
Sugar Sugar how'd you get so fly?

Well heres your ANSWER!
This nail color. 

Such a beautiful red. That suits any skin tone.
Gonna give those boys a SUGAR HIGH 

2 coats for a sheer taste of sugar
3 Coats for a full blown sweet tooth!

With This Nail Polish, your gonna feel totally
Its sheer, but buildable. 

Such a innocent color :) How cute!

Your gonna need to apply 4+ coats to get it true
to the color in the bottle
 Who says it can't be All About You?
Make your nails the topic of the night with this
copper gold glitter.

Applyin about 2 coats over your fav. gold polish
May make people asume you've been diggin for gold! 

 OOOOHH! Looks like somebodys
Got a Secret Admirer
OF COURSE YOU DO with nails like these!

This color is a gunmetal gray, 
ready to lock n load. 

Such an amazing color for fall!

3 Coats will get this baby firing rounds!


Thats all guys I hope you enjoyed the swatches. You should really go check out 
your local walgreens! Who knows what you can find!!!


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