Thursday, September 29, 2011

Small ROSS Haulage!

I Lovee Ross 

So I went over to ross, today to check out some of their handbags, and clothes.
I would say 90% of my clothes come from there.
I bet some people are like "Uh Why Girl? You Broke?"
Well, Yes... and No. LOL

I shop there because, all the items there come from the mall. At some point.


Last christmas I went to macy's. Got my man a $50 Shirt
2 MONTHS Later, we were @ ross. He saw the shirt there.
FOR $20.00 Same color brand everything.

I was soooo livid. Haha. So after that. I only shop for clothes at ross,
sometimes. Ill shop at forever21 or some other mall stores.
But never the high end department stores. Unless its a name brand
that you KNOW will not be sold @ ross. Or TJ MAX, KHOLES ETC.


Nameless Brick Red HandBag
ROSS $12.99
RETAIL: $26.00

 The moment I saw this purse. I was in love! The color really stood out to me, as did the price. Only $12.99?
Its a perfect bag for the fall season. I can't wait to get a pair of red pumps to match. It has top handles, and straps so you can wear it many ways which I like! Tons of space and pockets to work with. I feel like its a little fragile to pack alot of weight in it but. I still love it none the less :D

ROSS: $8.99
RETAIL: $19.99

More like a lounge around type of shirt. I liked it figured eh why not :)
Its flowly and theres something that I just love about it!

So thats all I got for myself hehe. Something small but figured.
I still wanted to share. SO I am....

ALSO super stoked, about halloween I have my first HALLOWEEN nail tutorial comingg
tomarrow SO BEEWAAAREE :D 

xoxo JENN


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