Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bath and Body Works SEMI ANNUAL SALE!

 Hello Guys, Welcome Back!
I went to Bath and Body Works, and totally took advantage of the 


Wow! What Great deals! Truthfully, I didn't need any more stuff.
So I went and picked up a couple things for my self, and
the rest for my mom as a early bday present!

Down Below are some photos, and prices.
Just to show you guys, what I got and how much I saved.


 Body Sprays: Twilight Woods (Brown) and Charmed Life (Blue) 
Original Price: $5.00
SALE: $ 1.25

Candle Holder Small 
Original Price: $3.00
SALE: 50% OFF - $1.50

Mini Candle: Flower Shop
Original Price: $ 3.00
SALE: $2.00

Body Spray: Into The Wild 
Original Price: $ 12.00
SALE: 75% off - $3.00

Body Lotion: Aruba Coconut
Original Price: $3.00
SALE: $0.88

Fragrance Mist: Lemon & Pomegranate
Original Price: $16.50 
Sale: 50% Off -  $8.25

Body Lotion: Wild Berry Tulips
Original Price: $3.00
SALE: $0.88

Also Two Coupons for 30% My Next Purchase!

TOTAL: $30.79 
SAVINGS: $43.88


Welp, Hope you guys enjoyed this post. My eyes are burning like a forest fire.
So I am Going To Sleep Now!!


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