Wednesday, October 20, 2010

UrbanBella HD??

Hey guys! I have some exciting news. As always, my blog followers or people who glance at this. 
Will hear it first!! 

For the last several months, as more people join my channel. I decided I really need a better quality camera!
My camera is pretty good, but I want something a bit more updated, and of course. BETTER!

With that said, Ive been putting away money to get a new camera. Last night, I finally caved in. 

Its a..........

Canon SD 1400 IS 
In the color orange, because I like it orange! Lol

I bought it for $190 even. I also purchased a 8GB Sd memory card for it!!
Its a 14. megapixel camera!  I get its not the best, ever. However its a major upgrade to 
the camera I am using now!

The camera I have now is a 8.1 mega pixle Kodak M893 IS
I bought this back in 07 I believe or maybe 08. I cannot remember.
Its not a bad camera at all. Its just doesn't have HD quality vids
However after some time having it. I think its time for an upgrade! 
Its in perfect condition even has the original stickers on it. So I will more than likely keep it for quick videos, and such. 


The new camera should be here by sat or latest Monday depending on my days off, is when Ill be making a new vid! No vids until then!! :) So darrn excited :)


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