Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bath and Body Works Haul

Hey guys, yesterday I went to Bath and Body works to pick up a few things from the holiday collection!
There having some pretty good sales right now like buy 3 get two free or buy 2 and get 1 free!
Which in my opinion is a steal!

FUN FACT: All Bath and Body work lotions have a shelf life of 4 YEARS!! 
I certainly did not know that! 

So heres what I picked up - Tired of reading?
Jump into a video instead!

The Choices!

 Twisted Peppermint 8oz $10.50
Who can resist the smell of fresh peppermint? I choose this sent because, despite its odd scent. It SCREAMS 
Which was exactly what I was looking for despite the description of - Peppermint mixed with warm sugar. 
The true smell in my option is that of vapor rub, and peppermint candy canes. Lol however, never the less.
Its most certainly a traditional scent, that you can wear again and again. 
 Vanilla Bean Noel 8oz $10.50 
 Vanilla Bean Noel is one of their most popular holiday scents. They always sell out fast - Where I am anyway! This lotion is very sugar-sweet. Like the smell of sugar cookies. It always makes me smile ear to ear. I think this smell if perfect for the holidays, and winter months! 

 The rest of the Lotions and items are NOT apart of the LE Holiday lotions.

Forever Sunshine 8oz $10.50 (my free bottle because of the buy 2 get 1 free)
Lets admit it. The excitement of those long summer days and warm summer nights, may have passed. But who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? In this bottle are the scents of all things summer, and help us ease into the suttle transition of fall. This sent will be keeping you at summer's spirit all year long. Until summer comes back around of course!!
Secret Wonderland 3oz Travel Size $5.00

This sensual sexy fragrence is amazing. In my honest opinion is strongly reminds me of,
PS: I Love You - another amazing scent by BBW. 
This lotion has hints of:  Strawberry, Gardenia Petals, Jasmine, White Amber! 
Dark Kiss 3oz Travel Size $5.00
The smell of suduction. In a bottle? Oh I think yes. This scent is musky, and sensual! 
Defiantly a nice nigh time scent for the fall and winter months! 

The Scents inside are : Mirabelle Plums and Night Musk!

Twilight Woods Body Mist 3oz Travel Size $5.00
This is a very musky smell, hard to describe! The spray is infused with : Juicy Berry, Soft Mimosa, Apricot Nectar, Warm Woods


Thats all for my haul! I hope you guys enjoy and if your able, go check out some of the items they are amazing!!

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