Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Little Life Update :)

Man guys, has this last week been a rough one! So much has happened I don't know were to begin.

Lets start off with, I left my job.
For personal reasons, that mentioning here would simply be unprofessional. 
I am sad, and its brought me down a little... But, It was for the best..

Besides.. Now I have a little more time to make videos lol. 

"Things in life happen for a reason, as one door closes in on the past
a another opens up possibilities for the feature :)" 

 I just came up with that pretty crafty huh? LOL. Meh

So I am trying to be postive and put my best foot forward, I try and keep my life.
My personal life, and sarrows away from my channel.

But.. You guys are a big part of my life, and I want you to get to know me on a different level!

Anyway I went camping over the weekend. I got so tan.
HAY! When you go from looking like a sheet of white printer paper, 
to more of a manila folder sort of shade.. You get excited DON'T Judge me! :p 

Of course, when your this white. It all comes with a price.
My tots (chest) are burnt to crisp and they effin ITCH! 

I even have a sun burn....ON MY HEAD... WHO GETS THAT!??!

Lol all sun burns as side, it was a fun trip :) I didn't take many pictures. 
However  I have one of my two fav boys!!!

I just wanted to blog, not in the best of moods to film an update.
I love you guys <3 Talk to ya soon!!!



  1. sorry to hear about your job
    but remember things will get so much better!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your job too! Everything will come together & better things will come your wayyyy trust me!! Can't wait to see more of your videos and suchhhhh :) You're truly a good role model!