Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Obsession! Rockin' Rio (Review)

Hey girls and Boys! :) I am really trying to get my butt in gear w. this blogger thing! 
I just did a perfume collection, and I am sure you all are sick of hearing about perfumes.


I Just cooulddnn't pass this up! 

I've been on the HUNT, for the last 6 ish' years to get my hands on 
Escada's Rockin Rio perfume. It came out back in '05
When I was a wee little teeny bopper..PUAHAHA.
15 yrs of age.  


Thanks to a subscriber of mine, on Youtube. 
She told me about an escada perfume. She had just bought.

Island Kiss

It sounded to me like an old, perfume. Similar to when
ROCKIN' RIO released. 
After some good ol' googlin'. I found out, Escada re-released Rockin' Rio, Island Kiss
and Sexy graffiti. (which is another must have)
Its safe to say. After 6 yrs of hoping and wishin' it'd be available again.

I was ecstatic! (Sound like a love story huh?)
OH It IS! 

I searched around, everywhere only to be continuously disappointed by sales associates telling me its sold out. 
Finally I called perfumia @ my local mall and they had it, and it was dirt cheap! 

67+TAX for the BIG 3.7 oz Bottle!

Who knew when it would be released again, another 6 yrs?

No THANKS! I Bought it right then and there.
Okay, maybe not. I first got the  smaller 1.7oz for around 45 dollars. The sales associate, was really wanting me to get the bigger size of course! I stuck to my guns, walked out...
Only to make it about 20 ft from the store. Just to change my mind.

Bigger, is BETTER.
I mean common, I only was obsessed w. this scent right!?
(Jenn, Didn't you say in the perfume collection video...You weren't going to buy any more perfumes...Until you finished what you had?) .

"I have No Clue. What You are Talking about...Moving on!"


This is a summer scent. Similar Smelling Escada perfume. SUNSET HEAT By Escada.

   Top Notes:
  • Pineapple
  • Gourmet, warm coconut milk
  • Fresh and sweet mandarin
  • Passionate papaya
      Middle Notes:
  • Cotton candy and peach
   Base Notes:
  • Sandalwood
  • Musk
 The Packaging is super sexy, different from the ordinal RR. Bottle, it has a gradient effect steaming from a gorgeous Red/Orange to a yellow/green. Very Exotic! ^_^ 

Love the detachable glasses charm that comes w. It!

On a scale 1-10. I'd say a 10 hands down. For a musky lover like myself. I usually am NOT into fruity scents but this perfume, is just to damn tempting :) 
I'd say if you love fruity, flirty/ sexy fragrances. Rockin' Rio is your girl! Nothing SCREAMS summer. Like this one does. 

Hope You guys enjoyed this post! 
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